Nick Jonas


U.S. singer Nick Jonas says he was “nervous” about launching a solo career, fearful he would not be taken seriously as an adult artist because of his teen boy-band days in Disney Channel pop rock trio the Jonas Brothers.

The siblings announced the group was splitting in October 2013 after eight years and Nick, the youngest of the three, has since had an image makeover and released an eponymous album in November to positive reviews.

“There are always natural nerves when you are trying to step out, do something different and I had a little bit of that,” the 22-year-old told Reuters in London on Friday. “I think the nerves have gone away now.”

Asked if he was frustrated some people wrote him off as a solo artist because of his background, he said: “I think that that was an obstacle for sure in the beginning and it’s been great to see that kind of change quite a bit.”

His single “Jealous”, based on his relationship with beauty queen Olivia Culpo, has enjoyed huge success is the States and is headed towards the top of the charts in Britain.

“‘Jealous’ connecting the way it has really opened people’s minds to me as a musician now … It’s amazing to see the song travel to so many places in the world and to have people show their love for it.”

The Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick, formed in 2005 and soon rose to fame with their upbeat pop rock songs. They split after four studio albums.

The two others have stayed out of the spotlight since but Nick said he had “a lot of support” from them in his new career.